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Omg, baby Bobcats!! Literally my fave feline species :-) I was beyond pumped when my fellow OU alums, Emily and Matt, contacted me to snap some photos with their adorable {{little Bobcats}} Olivia and Porter! Seriously, these two are so stinkin' cute, I just couldn't get enough of them. And when I told them that I went to school with mom and dad, well that was just the bee's knees in their eyes! But the highlight of this session was definitely the donuts! As a lifestyle photographer, my goal is to capture real moments and important things in my clients' lives. And for this family of four, one of their most important things is getting donuts every weekend! To say that I'm jealous is an understatement ;-) I'm so glad we were able to capture this special family tradition, and even more glad it was in their amazing donut shirts.