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This was a dream wedding in oh so many ways. First and most importantly, Nadya and Morgan were DREAM clients! And since I hate the word clients, I should probably say they were DREAM brides! They're two of the kindest people on the planet and they planned their wedding down to a T, including booking one of the most amazing Airbnbs for their prep {{I'll circle back to that amazingness in a sec}}. It's easy to see how much their closest friends and family love them since they not only helped in so many traditional ways, but also helped to wrangle assorted barnyard animals... yes, you read that right :-) So this amazing Airbnb in Plain City was straight out of a wholesome farm movie - think Babe - with kittens, ducks, chickens, baby goats, and horses. Many of which wanted to be included in our photos! To say I was in heaven was an understatement. They followed that with their ceremony and reception at The Gathering at the Farm in Mechanicsburg, which had horses, dogs, and my favorite thing, donkeys! So when you combine such a wonderful couple with such awesome settings - oh and I should mention, such gorgeous weather - that's just a perfect wedding day! I left them partying the night away with their guests, playing cornhole and relaxing with some beverages down on the farm. I wish these two all the best for their future!