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Prepare for some sappy sentiments folks! Jen and Ashley's was such an extra special wedding for me :-) I've known Jen since she was in middle school and always looked at her and her friends like they were little sisters. I watched her head off to OU and then find her career passion... and thankfully, find Ashley!! So when she told me they were getting married, I was over the moon! I can truly see how these two have both found their other half in each other. I adore the way they look at each other and of course, their mutual love of bourbon! Which led them to hold their wedding at the amazing Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky. Seriously, visit it, it's incredible! After putting my camera down for some partying, and of course, an homage to OU with a "Sweet Caroline" request, I left their guests dancing the night away with bourbons in hand. I wish these two, and their fur babies, nothing but the best for their future!