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I finished off the year with one of my favorite couples, which I like to call icing on the wedding cake!! Katie and Andrew have been such a pleasure to work with since I first met them for their beautiful {{but a tad chilly}} engagement session last January. So it was only fitting that their wedding day was absolutely gorgeous, but also, a tad {{or a lot}} chilly! But thankfully, they held their nuptials at Vue Columbus, one of my favorite venues for indoor photos! And the chilly part was only a small factor... it was the 30+ mph winds that really wanted to make it a memorable weather day! But one of the best parts of Vue is not only it's amazing indoor spaces, but a secret little indoor spot nearby that worked perfectly for tucking ourselves out of the blustery wind! And the weather is really what you make of it - these two didn't bat an eye! Neither did their insanely fun wedding party. Everyone was all laughs at how ridiculous the crazy weather circumstances were and was in full-on celebration mode, especially once their reception started and the DJ had everyone partying on the dance floor. I left them tearing it up with their guests, busting out some old-school Macarena moves and throwing in a few polka waltzes. I know these two have a lifetime of dancing, laughter, and joy ahead of them!