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I was not surprised in the slightest that Savannah and Jeff made one of the most beautiful little baby girls I've ever seen! These two were one of my all-time favorite wedding couples so when they let me know they were expecting their first little one, I was so thrilled for them! They've had quite the first year of marriage from buying their first home to making their sweet Miss Josephine! But she wasn't the only star of their shoot... 4-legged big bro Chopper made sure to let me know he was just so handsome too! Really, he mostly just cared about getting in some snuggles with this new friend who clearly came just for him ;-) He didn't even know that his adorable little sister was really in the spotlight! And she was the perfect little star - almost never made a peep the entire time I was there. She's one of my little ones that I can't wait to see grow (not too fast though)!