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There's nothing I love more than spending time with families I've been photographing for years... like the Frost family! I always crack up when I chat with my long-termers about location ideas and we keep going, "nope, we've done there and nope, we've done there." So when I mentioned heading to the always great Pioneer Park in Montgomery, ding ding we had a winner! And we had a super sweltering afternoon, but thankfully, no storms or rain like our originally scheduled date. But I just love that the heat never gets to this fun little fam. Miss Janie and Mr Evan are always smiles in front of my camera, especially when Even got to talk about his summer football camp and Miss Janie talked about food {{my kinda lady}}. They're both growing like weeds and I'm pretty sure will have their dad's height. I seriously can't believe that Even is almost as tall as me!! I'm pretty sure I was just taking his baby photos. Cara and Brian are definitely raising two sweet and fun-loving kiddos that I can't wait to see every year!