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Okay guys, this was one of those sessions I live for! A beautiful couple doing a fall engagement session in Athens!! As many of you know, it's my favorite place in the world. When Marlee and Trent asked if I would be willing to go to A-Town for their photos, it's one of those times where I have to let them know they don't even have to ask. I will always say yes to Athens! And the fact that they are just the most amazingly kind and down-to-earth people made my day even better! Also the fact that I got there early to grab some Bagel Street and Donkey Coffee just had me skipping down the bricks on my way to meet them :-) These two love birds had me ga-ga their whole session, just look at how gorgeous they are! And trust me, they are crazy head over heals for each other - like ooey, gooey in love. I also learned that they have several fur babies at home, so beyond our mutual love of Athens, we also bonded over our mutual love of our four-legged babies. I cannot wait for their wedding next October!!