You know what's awesome, this couple right here! Seriously folks, Ciera and Marcus quickly became two of my favorites on their wedding day. First off, they're an absolute joy to hang out with - which of course, makes my part a breeze. Second, they met years ago while both working at Lowes and as many of you know, I love a good "meet cute" story :-) Third, they're surrounded by such awesome friends and family members who lit up their wedding! Oh and I have to mention they're crazy dog lovers, so that's always a win in my book. But let's get to the details of their big day! They held their nuptials at the beautiful Homestead of Radnor just outside of Delaware and thankfully, somehow managed to completely ward off bad thunderstorms just south of us all afternoon. Not only did their guests stay dry, but they stayed well fed with delicious food from The Tasty Good and Fired Up Pizza food trucks. But best of all, their guests were tearing up the dance floor {{please be sure to take a peak at Ciera's adorable grandpa "hanging out with the pretty girls" as he liked to say that day ❤️ }} as I was giving my hugs goodbye. I wish these two all the best as their start their married life together!