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One of my favorite types of emails is when my wedding couples reach out to give me updates since their big day, especially when it involves, "we adopted a dog and would love to have some photos done!" So imagine my excitement when two of my favorites, Alison and Alex, reached out to me a few weeks back to say just that! I absolutely adore these two so I couldn't wait to meet their newest addition, Gryff. And yes, he absolutely represents the House of Gryffindor! I met up with them at one of my fave locations, Dawes Arboretum, to meet their bouncing ball of love and I was quickly obsessed - he's the absolutely most perfect pup for these two. And I think we were able to easily wear him out with temps in the 90s! I couldn't be happier for this new family of three and I know they have lots of fun adventures ahead of them!