Ugh, why do these girls have to keep growing so fast?? This year, when the Stephens Guenther family showed up to their annual family session, I was just shocked when the girls jumped out of the car... especially Angelena! I used to call her little Lena but I now I have to leave those titles to her sisters, Scarlett and Ruthie! Young lady Lena will definitely be a more fitting title :-) But the best part has been seeing her grow into the BEST big sister those two could ask for. And trust me, they keep her and parents Kaitlin and Joey on their toes, but laughing the whole time because to say it lightly, these two are characters! We met up this year at Devou Park just across the river from Cincinnati on a beautiful fall morning. Our shoots usually consist of freezing temps and blustery winds so to say we lucked out on the weather this year is an understatement! And while I think these girls are all smiles not matter what, I think the warm temps definitely helped! I sent them off after their shoot for some "bites" and to watch the Bengals game!