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I knew I was going to have a great time going into Shelby and Noah's engagement session after our first initial meeting, but I'll tell you what I wasn't prepared for... Toast!! That's right, I said Toast. And now I probably have you all confused! Well you see, Toast just happens to be the name of their rolly polly little pup with whom I instantly fell in love! Do you see the cuteness I was overloaded with?!? On top of all the puppy dog kisses I got, my camera absolutely loved Toast! So of course I was sad when a friend came to pick up Toast part way through our session. But it was also nice giving all my attention {which can easily be lost to an adorable dog} to Shelby and Noah! These Ohio State grads decided to do their session in the always gorgeous German Village followed by shots at Schiller Park. And thankfully, we had one of the nicest days - especially weekend days - this fall! It was so nice to not have to reschedule due to weather in months. And with the lovely weather, I sent these two off to buy their Christmas tree and hopefully enjoy some hot chocolate! I absolutely can't wait for their wedding next October!