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Alright guys, if you're thinking "wow, she posted a lot of photos in this album" you are SO right because I'm obsessing over Lauren and Quinn's gorgeous wedding! And I knew when I was finished that I had taken an exorbitant amount of pictures because their wedding was just surreal! Set at the Pomerene Center for the Arts in Lauren's hometown, Coshocton, this jet-setting couple certainly made a small Ohio town feel out of this world. And Quinn brought along a whole tribe of lively folks from his Canadian home! We may have been rained on (which is of course, very good luck), and sweated bullets, but this wedding will always live in my memory as absolutely perfect. And the icing on the cake was when I learned this lovely couple will soon be moving to Columbus from NYC! I only hope to see more of them in the future :-) I wish them all the happiness in the world!