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"Meet cute" stories are some of my favorite things to discuss with my wedding and engagement couples so many will tell you that one of the first things that comes out of my mouth is, "sooooo, how'd you meet??" And Shaylyn and AJ had quite the unique one! These two befriended each other playing video games online together from different states and slowly but surely, that friendship and love of gaming blossomed into a budding romance! That led to them building their relationship together in Ohio with their adorable pup, Harper {{yes, yes, we shared many fur baby pics during their session}}. And now, these two are getting ready to tie the knot :-) We romped around the always-gorgeous Inniswood Metro Gardens and I was blown away by some secret spots these two found that I had never seen! Seriously, they found a secret garden hidden in the woods that I'm now mildly obsessed with. And of course, that means I'm also mildly obsessed with them ;-) I absolutely cannot wait for their April wedding!