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So I have three words to describe Marta and Lucas' September wedding: ridiculously good looking! Okay, I may have stolen that from Zoolander, but it is absolutely fitting for this situation. They held their nuptials at the oh-so-amazing Jorgensen Farms Oak Grove on a beautiful Sunday in September and I was just floored by every detail! When I say "ridiculously good looking," I'm talking venue, florals, and of course, Marta and Lucas themselves. At times, I felt like I was doing a styled shoot with models! And before I go too far, one of the most important things about their day is that these two are also ridiculously kind, fun-loving, hilarious, and just an all-around pleasure to work with. Between every perfectly posed photo, I have at least one of them cracking up, which as all my clients know, is my absolute favorite thing. It's easy to see how they have so many friends and family members who absolutely adore them. I left them enjoying delicious cake and cupcakes while dancing the night away!